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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


"I had professional help with my early research - it was Jeanette King, a specialist in finding birth relatives for adopted children, who spotted Marion in Grimsby and discovered James (if it was him) holed up in Leamington Spa on census night 1901. It was she who first found Agnes in 1891, living with her parents and seven siblings in some muddy hovel in Shipley. It was Jeanette - a sharp, tenacious woman who you get the feeling would be up half the night searching records even if you weren't paying her to do it - who told me what to do next and what pitfalls to look out for. What she cannot teach me are the intuitive leaps that come with experience. In vain I have dug for treasure at the British Library and wasted money ordering the death certificates of complete strangers."
'My family tree' - Phil Hogan, The Observer

'Secrets and lives' - Geraldine Bedell, The Observer